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of RAW files

Have direct control over your RAW files

What is a RAW file? A RAW file is a digital file generated by digital cameras (and other devices like scanners) which contain the original image file captured by the device. These files are uniquely generated by whichever device you use and they keep their original quality without being compressed or edited to fit into other file formats. Moreover, these files are not actually image files that can be read by any type of computer software. A RAW file requires special programs to be seen, and this is where Kizoa comes in! In contrast to a JPEG or a BMP file, RAW files are not standardized. Each digital camera manufacturer uses their own RAW file format (e.g. Nikon = NEF, Canon = CRW CR2, Panasonic = RW2, etc.) in order to make their file unique. With Kizoa, you’ll be able to read all of these file formats!

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Effortlessly store files thanks to unlimited storage space!

With our BUSINESS account, you can store your RAW files directly on Kizoa with UNLIMITED CLOUD STORAGE. The problem with RAW files is that they take up a lot of data and it’s not always possible to store these files securely on your computer. Our BUSINESS membership responds directly to this problem. With this membership, you’ll be able to personalise how you store your RAW files and we’ll take care of making them secure on our servers. All you need is an internet connection and you’ll be able to access your content from anywhere without being tied to your own personal computer. Once connected to your Kizoa account, you’ll be able to download or upload your files directly to and from Kizoa to whichever computer you’re using: the perfect solution for the professional photographer on the go!

In addition, RAW files need a specific program in order to be properly read. With Kizoa, no matter which RAW file extension you use, you’ll be able to always have access to these files to create your movies, offering a truly easy way to show your work to your loved ones, friends, clients, and colleagues.

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BUSINESS, everything a professional needs!

This membership was designed with professional photographers in mind. You’ll be able to store and utilize RAW file types on your Kizoa account, the native file types of cameras, to then download back onto your computer at any time.

Easily create and show your videos in 4K ultra HD! We’ve eliminated coding problems, compression of the original files, and all macroblocks, allowing you to upload your 4K files directly to our platform without any changes to the original file size. Once uploaded, you can then use your files in your creations to download them directly to your computer in ultra HD!

Kizoa Business also gives you exclusive access to a commercial license, allowing you to sell the movies you create on Kizoa while being legally covered.

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Cloud storage and management of RAW files
You can upload all RAW file types onto Kizoa to store them safely on our secure and private servers. With the BUSINESS membership, you benefit from unlimited cloud storage so space won't be an issue!
This means you'll be able to access your images from and computer in order to download them whenever you like. Here is a list of the RAW file types compatible on Kizoa:

Multiple Accounts
With the BUSINESS membership, you can expand your Premium advantages onto 2 other accounts. You pay for your membership, and
let a couple of your friends enjoy the perks too! Three Kizoa
accounts will be able to enjoy all of the BUSINESS features;
you're basically getting a 3 for 1 deal!

Reseller License
If you decide to make movies, burn them onto DVD, and then sell those DVDs as a part of your photography business for example, then we have you covered! Our reseller license gives you piece of mind knowing that you can legally sell your creations made on Kizoa to help further grow your own business.

4K Movie and Video Editor
Thanks to BUSINESS, take advantage of ultra high definition resolution for your creations. You'll be able to upload videos in 4K resolution onto your Kizoa account to then use to create movies which you can download in 2160p resolution back onto your computer. Enjoy watching your movies on the largest screens out there while preserving pristine quality!

Commercial Use License
When you create a movie with the BUSINESS membership, you'll automatically be covered by our commercial use license to distribute and show your movies however you like such as on a TV screen in your store, on the homepage of your website, or send them to your clients.

One-on-One Training
To help you make your movies the best they can be, you can take advantage of a one-on-one 30 minute training sessions with one of our expert movie-makers at Kizoa. We'll walk you through which tools to use, and answer any questions you may have!